D’Bunked opened its doors to the public on July 10th 2020. A creative project that has brought 50 Gladstone Street back to it’s once renowned popularity! Bringing an exciting, positive atmosphere that builds itself around a foundation of great coffee, quality homemade food and convenience for all involved. 

At the time of opening, the world was beginning to feel the squeeze of an ongoing epidemic. Prior to opening, the general consensus from the public was swaying towards opening back into normality. After ten blistering days of building D’Bunked from the ground up, the country proceeded to mask up and lockdown. 

From July 10th, 2020 to date, we have been through three separate lockdowns and heavy nationwide restrictions. For any business, this has been a tragic period. For a business that is in the budding phase, it has been extra tough, though we are built of stern stuff here in Clonmel.

We have had to reinvent the wheel on numerous occasions to combat restrictions, and reinvent the wheel we did. To some, it might sound like challenge after challenge. We have always found opportunity in the shadows. We have been forced to reevaluate every aspect of our business on an almost daily basis. We feel as though D’Bunked has been forcefully matured business beyond our business years due to Covid-19.

Still, we march on. The foundations are laid, now it is time to build the future of D’Bunked, one block at a time.

To all that have supported and continue to support us thus far, we love you and have plans to continue supporting this town back for the rest of our days.